Am Pm coffee bourbon

am pm coffee bourbon

Welcome to , where we typically chat about the world of coffee. But today, let's take a delightful detour to the intersection of coffee and spirits. Where your morning meets the afternoon relaxant, a.k.a. the legendary AM PM Coffee Bourbon.

The Curious Case of the Coffee “Bourbon” Label

Labels, ever noticed how they can be rather befuddling? When the AM PM Coffee Bourbon arrived at The Bourbon Culture, a quizzical eyebrow was raised. The “with” in “Straight Bourbon Whiskey with 100% Arabica Coffee, Madagascar Vanilla Beans and Pure Cane Sugar” suggests infusion. How about just stating it outright? It seems simple, but apparently, it's not.

The Plot Thickens: Finished vs. Infused

Down the rabbit hole, I went, seeking clarification on whether these ingredients had their own ageing experience in barrels before mingling with the bourbon, or were they merely tossed into the mix? Remember the Abraham Bowman Limited Edition #15 with its gingerbread and chocolate allure? Ah, deceptive yet delightful barrel finishes.

Origin Stories: Where Did You Come From?

As whispers had it, this AM PM concoction began as a 3 or perhaps 4-year-old bourbon (depending on who you ask) birthed by some mysterious distillery in Tennessee. The plot gets twistier with mashbill confessions of 80% corn, 10% rye, and 10% malted barley, bearing uncanny resemblance to other famous recipes. Enter the Nashville Craft Distillery, young and promising. Is our AM PM protagonist one of theirs? One can only speculate.

A Fresh Tasting Venture

A Nashville Craft Distillery virgin I may be, yet the allure of the unknown beckoned. A glencairn glass in hand, the adventure began.

Engaging the Senses: Let's Sip!


Picture this: the comforting aroma of freshly used coffee grounds, enveloping the senses. Complementing this is the seductive dance of chocolate sauce, vanilla bean, and a hint of… peppermint candy cane? Quite the aromatic rhapsody!


The initial sweetness, perhaps from the cane sugar, embraces the palate. The symphony continues with notes of vanilla , and chocolate sauce generously poured. Yet, where's the sting of proof? Missing in action. However, should you seek a dominant bourbon flavour, you might find it coyly hiding behind the scenes.


The lingering sweetness bids adieu, giving way to slightly synthetic coffee notes, while chocolate and vanilla graciously remain. A sip makes one yearn for another, restarting the delightful sensory journey.

A Final Verdict

Scoring a 6/10, the AM PM Coffee Bourbon might befuddle traditional bourbon enthusiasts due to its additives. But, let's face it, it's genuinely a jolly good show! It stands out, delivers what it promises, and somehow remains intriguing. After all, the matrimony of coffee and whiskey is a natural one.

Why this hesitation in combining them? Granted, coffee might play tricks on your taste buds post-consumption, but the AM PM blend isn't vying to replace your morning brew. Instead, it presents an opulent coffee experience for any time of day or night.

End Notes & Musings

Isn't it splendid that they preserved it at 86 proof? Many flavoured whiskies timidly venture below 80 proof. For those like me, who prefer their drink with a bit more gusto, this is a pleasant surprise. Though splendid on its own, imagine its potential in cocktails or even as a companion to your everyday coffee. And at roughly £30? Makes for a smashing gift, doesn't it?


Does bourbon coffee contain alcohol?

Yes, the fusion of bourbon and coffee indeed contains alcohol.

Does coffee Bourbon pack a caffeine punch?

Certainly, it retains the caffeine kick from the coffee.

Is bourbon coffee worth the sip?

Absolutely! It offers a unique experience for both coffee and whiskey aficionados.

What Bourbon complements coffee best?

Many believe that a good quality, rich bourbon best complements the deep notes of coffee.

The Marriage of Two Worlds

Coffee & Whisky: A Dance of Flavours

The very idea of blending the warm, rich tones of coffee with the fiery embrace of bourbon might seem a bit unconventional to some. However, it's much like an unexpected duo in a dance – coffee leads with its robustness, while bourbon follows with a smooth elegance. Yet, when they come together, it's pure magic. Think of it as a waltz for your taste buds.

Historical Concoctions

Historically, humans have had a penchant for blending the unexpected. Remember the first person who decided to mix milk with tea? They were probably considered a madman. Yet, here we are, sipping our lattes and cappuccinos, revelling in the union of different tastes. The combination of coffee and bourbon is no different, a testament to our never-ending quest for the next tantalising flavour.

Why the Mix Matters

The Delicate Balance

Now, one might wonder why the combination matters so much. The secret lies in the balance. Get it wrong, and you're stuck with a muddled mess. But strike the right chord, and the melody it produces can be sublime. Just as in any classic recipe, the proportion, quality, and treatment of each ingredient make all the difference.

A Symphony of Sensations

Consider this: when you first take a sip, the initial notes might be sharp, rich, or even bitter. But as it settles, the bourbon's character starts to shine through, layering the taste with sweet, spicy, and sometimes smoky undertones. It's an experience, an adventure in every sip.

Where Does “am pm coffee bourbon” Fit In?

A Bold Experiment

The AM PM Coffee Bourbon defies conventional wisdom and presents a challenge to the traditional palate. It brings the best of both worlds, appealing not only to the discerning coffee aficionado but also to the whiskey connoisseur. It's not merely about tasting coffee or bourbon; it's about experiencing them, understanding their nuances, and enjoying their interplay.

Day to Night, Dawn to Dusk

And why the name “am pm”? It's a nod to its versatility. This blend is not restricted by the hands of the clock. It's a drink for the early riser, the late-night thinker, the mid-day dreamer, and everyone in between. Whether you're warming up on a cold morning or winding down after a long day, it's always the right time for a sip.

What's Next for Coffee Whiskies?

Boundless Possibilities

With the evident success and appreciation of blends like AM PM Coffee Bourbon, the doors are flung wide open for innovation. Today's blend might highlight vanilla and Arabica, but tomorrow's might just surprise us with hints of caramel, hazelnuts, or even a touch of chili. The possibilities are as endless as they are exciting.

To Conclude…

Every once in a while, something comes along that challenges the status quo, shakes up the norm, and makes us rethink what we knew. The AM PM Coffee Bourbon is one such entrant in the world of beverages. It's not just about the drink, though; it's about the experience, the stories it tells, and the memories it helps create. It's more than just a blend—it's a journey, one that I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of. So, next time you're looking for a drink that's out of the ordinary, remember the magic that happens when coffee meets bourbon, especially in the mysterious dance of AM PM.

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