How much is a dozen donuts at Tim Hortons?

TimHortons menu items and prices vary by location and may change regularly.
How much is a dozen donuts at Tim Hortons?

The Exorbitantly Fascinating Journey of Tim Hortons: A Dozen Donuts and, Oh, So Much More!

Well hello there, fellow donut disciples! It's time to dive head-first into the gloriously glaze-filled world of Tim Hortons and their famous dozen donuts. So, if you've been losing sleep over “How much is a dozen donuts at Tim Hortons?”, we've got your back. Prepare yourself for a story filled with a good deal of humor, a healthy smattering of history, and a core crammed with know-it-all jelly.

So, How Much Do You Shell Out for a Dozen Donuts at Tim Hortons?

Anxious to get to the goods, are we? Alright, let's get right to the heart of this frosted mystery. As of 2023, you're looking at shelling out anywhere between $9 and $12 for a dozen of these sugary rings of joy at Tim Hortons, with the caveat of “location, location, location”. And just to keep things exciting, toss in a few specialty or seasonal treats, and the bill could get a slight bump. So there, the cat's out of the bag, but stick around, we're just getting warmed up.

The Behind-The-Scenes Factors Dictating Your Donut Dough

You're probably sitting there, scratching your head and wondering, “$9 to $12? Why can't they make up their minds?” Well, before you flip your donut in dismay, let's dive into why your donut bill might have a bit of a range:

Location: Big city, big costs. That downtown Tim Hortons could have you inching towards that $12 mark.

Selection: You fancy a fancier donut? Then prepare to part with a few extra pennies.

Season: Love those holiday-themed donuts? They might just love your wallet a little more.

Donut Dough Showdown: How Does Tim Hortons Stack Up?

So, how does Tim Hortons fare when thrown into the cutthroat donut arena with other juggernauts? Let's see:

Coffee Shop Cost of a Dozen Donuts

Tim Hortons $9 – $12

' Donuts $10.99

Krispy Kreme $14.99

Our darling Timmy's seems to be holding its own, eh?

The Nostalgically Nourishing History of Tim Hortons

“Why do I need a history lesson?” you're probably thinking. Because, my friend, this tasty morsel of backstory is just the thing to flaunt your coffee counter cred, that's why!

Founded in 1964 by hockey player Tim Horton (shocking, I know), this modest coffee and donut shop has grown from a single, humble abode in Hamilton, Ontario, to a mind-boggling 4,800 stores across 14 countries. Bet you didn't see that coming.

The Evolution of Tim Hortons' Donuts

The secret to Tim Hortons' monumental success? Donuts, dear friend, donuts. From the good ol' “Apple Fritter” and the “Dutchie” being the first kids on the block, to today's mind-boggling array of iced, jelly-filled, and specialty donuts, these sugary circles of joy have stolen hearts (and diets) the world over.

The Heavyweight Champions: Best Selling Donuts at Tim Hortons

So, which donuts are flying off the shelves at Tim Hortons faster than a hockey puck at a Maple Leafs game? Let's take a sneak peek:

Boston Cream

Apple Fritter

Honey Cruller

Chocolate Glazed

Maple Dip


How much does a single donut at Tim Hortons cost?

Well, that depends on your donut of choice and where you're buying it. Generally, you're looking at $0.99 to $1.49.

Does Tim Hortons offer any donut deals or discounts?

Oh, they sure do! Keep your eyes peeled on their website or app for promotions like “Buy 6, Get 6”.

Can I mix and match my dozen donuts at Tim Hortons?

Absolutely! Tim Hortons fully endorses your donut creativity.

Does Tim Hortons offer special holiday-themed donuts?

Yes, indeed! Keep an eye out for these festive sweet treats during holiday seasons.

What are Tim Hortons' operating hours?

Most Tim Hortons stores open early and close late, but just to be safe, check the timings of your local store.

Can I order donuts online from Tim Hortons?

Yes, you can! Use the Tim Hortons app or website for pick-up or delivery.


So there it is, folks, a sugar-coated journey into the world of Tim Hortons and its famed dozen donuts. But remember, regardless of whether it's $9 or $12, a dozen donuts from Tim Hortons isn't just a box of pastries; it's a tangible piece of Canadian history and a box of sugary joy. Until next time, donut devotees!

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