How much is a large coffee at Tim Hortons?

Tim Hortons menu items and prices vary by location and may change regularly.
How much is a large coffee at Tim Hortons?

So, How Much is a Large at Tim Hortons, Really?

If you're jonesing for the answer to the timeless question, “How much is a large coffee at Tim Hortons?” – sit tight, you're in for a caffeine-fueled ride!

Meta-description: Grab your travel mug and join us for a deep-dive into the cost of a large coffee at Tim Hortons. From penny-pinching deals to the factors influencing price, we'll help you keep that coffee budget in check.

How Much is a Large Coffee at Tim Hortons?

Ah, Tim Hortons, the Canadian kingpin of all things doughnuts and coffee. A haven for those craving a caffeine jolt in the midst of a harsh Canadian winter or, well, just about anytime. And now for the burning question – how much does a large coffee at Timmy's cost, eh?

As of 2023, a large coffee will set you back around $2.10. But, hey, don't quote me on that. can vary based on location and other coffee conspiracy theories.

What's in a Large Coffee at Tim Hortons?

In case you're thinking, “That's a lot of beans for a cup of Joe,” let's break down what goes into that large coffee. Apart from the life-giving caffeine and the top-secret Tim Hortons coffee blend, you've got about 20 fluid ounces of coffee goodness, served piping hot, just the way you like it. And it's all wrapped up in that iconic cup, with the branding screaming “Canadian pride.”

Factors Influencing the Price of a Large Coffee at Tim Hortons

“Why does the price of coffee keep dancing around?” you might ask. From the global coffee market fluctuations to local overhead costs, several factors dictate the price tag of your cup of java.

Global Coffee Market Dynamics

Here's some free Econ 101 for you – supply and demand baby! When coffee crops get hit by, say, a horrid fungus or unpredictable weather, coffee supply goes down. This can drive up prices, all the way to your daily Tim Hortons fix.

Local Overhead Costs

Rent ain't cheap, folks! Depending on the location, the operating costs can be as varied as your coffee preferences. So, those downtown Tim Hortons outlets? Yeah, they might just have to charge a few cents more to keep the lights on.

Special Deals and Promotions

Now, don't get your knickers in a twist over the price just yet. Tim Hortons, being the big-hearted Canadian institution that it is, often rolls out special deals and promotions. Think along the lines of “Roll Up The Rim” contest where everyone's a winner, or limited-time offers slashing coffee prices to bring a tear to a penny pincher's eye.

Loyalty Program: Tims Rewards

Ask yourself, “Are you a regular at Tim Hortons?” If yes, their loyalty program, Tims Rewards, might just be your ticket to coffee savings heaven. With free coffees up for grabs, it's a deal sweeter than their double double.

Limited Time Offers and Seasonal Deals

Keep your eyes peeled for their limited time offers, especially during holiday seasons. You might just stumble upon a deal that makes your coffee budget do a happy jig!

FAQs About Tim Hortons Coffee Prices

Does Tim Hortons offer discounts for seniors?

Yes, they do! Seniors get a 10% discount, making that large coffee taste even sweeter.

Do they increase their prices every year?

Not necessarily. Prices are influenced by various factors, not just the passage of time.

How much does a medium coffee cost at Tim Hortons?

A medium coffee generally costs around $1.80.

Are prices the same across all Tim Hortons locations?

No, they're not. Prices can vary based on location due to differing overhead costs.

Does Tim Hortons offer a student discount?

As of 2023, they don't. But hey, we can always dream!

Can you get a free coffee on your birthday?

With Tims Rewards, you can enjoy a free coffee on your special day.


Alright folks, that's the long and short of it. The cost of a large coffee at Tim Hortons depends on a lot of variables – but hey, who said a good cup of coffee came easy? Whether you're grabbing a quick jolt on the go, or settling down for a chat with friends, Timmy's has got your back.

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