How much is a medium coffee at Tim Hortons?

TimHortons menu items and prices vary by location and may change regularly.
How much is a medium coffee at Tim Hortons?


So, you've found yourself here, haven't you? Right smack in the middle of the Great Conundrum: “How much is a medium coffee at Tim Hortons?” I can almost hear the change jingling in your pocket, waiting with bated breath for the answer. And, oh, my friend, what a journey it will be!

How Much Is a Medium Coffee at Tim Hortons?

Time for the million-dollar question, and spoiler alert – no, a medium coffee at Tim Hortons doesn't cost a million dollars, not even close! As of my last update (June 2023), a medium coffee at Tim Hortons will set you back around $1.79. But remember, coffee , like your favourite uncle's questionable jokes at Thanksgiving dinner, can fluctuate. It's always wise to keep an eye out for any updates.

Sub-Heading: Coffee Prices and Size Matters

  1. A Look at Other Sizes Let's play fair, medium coffee isn't the only fish in the sea. Or should I say bean in the bush? A small coffee at Tim Hortons is approximately $1.59, while a large is around $1.99. When the craving hits, the price tag might just become your secondary concern.
  2. Comparing Prices: Starbucks Vs. Tim Hortons Now, when you think of , you probably think, “Those prices are like skydiving – it's a long way down!”. But let's do some comparisons here. A medium (they like to call it “Grande” to confuse us) coffee at Starbucks will cost you about $2.10. Tim Hortons, my dear reader, is indeed the economical choice.

Understanding the Factors Influencing Coffee Prices

  1. Bean Type and Quality Did you know the quality and type of coffee bean affects the price of your coffee? Shocking, right? So next time you're sipping your Joe, know that you're basically indulging in a cup of curated art.
  2. Labor and Processing Costs Think of all the hardworking individuals that your coffee goes through before it lands in your eager hands. From the growers, to the pickers, to the who spells your name right (hopefully), they all contribute to the final cost.

The Story Behind Your Tim Hortons Coffee

  1. From Humble Beginnings Tim Hortons isn't some big-shot franchise birthed from the abyss of corporate tycoons. No, it started out as a single store in Hamilton, Ontario. And now? Over 4,800 stores globally. Not too shabby for a humble Canadian hockey player's dream.
  2. Committed to Quality and Sustainability Tim Hortons wants to give you the best coffee, but not at the expense of the environment. They're committed to responsible sourcing, which means they support farmers, communities, and the environment. So, your coffee is not just tasty, but also ethically tasteful.


Does Tim Hortons have any discounts or special offers?

You betcha! Tim Hortons runs various promotions throughout the year. Remember to check their website or your local store for the latest deals.

What are the hours of operation for Tim Hortons?

Most Tim Hortons stores are open 24/7. But, like that weird candy shop in the corner of your street, it's best to double-check your local store's hours.

Does Tim Hortons offer a rewards program?

Yes, indeed! They have a loyalty program called Tims Rewards. It's free to join, and you can earn points for free food and beverages. Pretty sweet, eh?

Do they offer any non-dairy alternatives for their coffee?

Absolutely! Tim Hortons offers almond milk and soy milk options. They've got all you lactose-intolerant and vegan folks covered.

Can I order Tim Hortons online?

Yes, you can! They have their own mobile app for both Android and iOS, allowing you to order ahead, save your favourites, and earn rewards.

Is there a Tim Hortons near me?

With thousands of stores worldwide, there's a good chance! Use their store locator on the website to find out.


So there you have it, folks! Next time you ask yourself, “How much is a medium coffee at Tim Hortons?“, remember it's more than just the $1.79 price tag. It's a tale of quality, labor, and ethical sourcing. Now, you can sip your coffee with a bit more appreciation.

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